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Kathleen about 1 month ago

Buddha Call

I am in Nirvana when I'm devouring this delicious concoction of veggies spiced just right! It's so good I can't bear to try a different item!-Kathleen

T about 1 month ago

Fidel Cashflow

It was so amazing! The pork belly was the best part. One of those sandwiches that I can't stop thinking about.

Kevin about 1 month ago

Carne Asada Torta

I could eat this for every meal. I've had all their great sandwiches, but it was this one that I kept ordering. And keep ordering. And keep ordering...

Trangman about 1 month ago


This World Does Not Deserve you. Who watches over the kids? Who walks the dog? Who pays the bills and files the taxes? You do. Who is the rock in these uncertain times? Who is the one risking health running to pick up groceries? You are. Do. You. Get. What. You. Deserve? No, probably not. Do you get perfectly crisp bacon lathered with an herb aioli? No. Do you receive your turkey oven warmed in a roll toasted on the outside and heavenly spongey in the middle? Never. How often does this turkey lay next to stuffing and sweating in cranberry sauce? That love making only comes once a year. On Thanksgiving. So... when was the last time you thanked? When was the last day you got what you truly deserved? It could be today, and it will be if you decide on a thanksgetting. love, Trang.

Aprajitashops about 1 month ago


This sandwich is so good! Very generous portion of meat and very well seasoned. The bread is firm enough to contain all the meat and cheese inside. Also, perhaps a personal preference but I thought the pastrami was well flavored without being too salty. Can't wax poetic enough about how yummy I found this sandwich.

Waylonjoireman about 1 month ago

Buddha Call

A delicious sandwich with a bunch of vegetables that blend together perfectly.

Kelsey about 2 months ago

Yard Bird

Valhalla sandwiches truly is heavenly! It's our go to sandwich spot.

Mckenzie about 2 months ago

Shrimp Po Mo'fo

For my first time eating at Valhalla Sandwiches, I tried the Shrimp Po Mo'fo with a side of tots - one of the best Seattle sandwiches I've had! I loved the shrimp/chorizo combination and the pickles added a nice crunch/acidity. Can't wait to try the rest of the menu!

Upthetower about 2 months ago

Ham'er of the Gods

A few years I ran into the food truck and got 2 sandwiches. My wife said the Thanksgiving turkey was the best turkey sandwich she'd ever eaten. I said the same thing about my Ham'er sammie. Deeelicious!!! And then I discovered their Mo Fo Po Boy - Amazing!! And not to leave out the best rueben sandwich I've had in many moons. Thank you, Ryan!!!

Ouell057 about 2 months ago

Buddha Call

AMAZING! We had this delivered and it arrived still hot & delicious. I would 100% recommend

Dyarekrystenpurdy 2 months ago

Super Chicken Deluxe

I love this sandwich! I usually add avocado and skip the red peppers and aioli but only for personal preference.

Pboettcher68 2 months ago

El Duderino

The El Duderino was the first sandwich I had at Valhalla and from the first bite, I knew it would be a favorite. I've since tried most of the menu and honestly all the sandwiches are great, especially when paired with some slaw or the Viking stew if they have it that day. So lucky to have this place in the neighborhood!

Jessbunna 2 months ago

El Duderino

I absolutely LOVE Valhalla. I have never had a more perfect sandwich than the El Duderino. I've ordered it over 30 times, no joke. I'm obsessed. You also HAVE to try their fries with the rosemary aioli. Ridiculously tasty! I would recommend this place to anyone. Thank you for the good eats, Valhalla!

Redgeisha79 2 months ago

Buddha Call

Fantastic sandwich spot not too far from our house. As a vegetarian I love the Buddha sandwich and also the grilled cheese. The sweet potato tots and also the Chipotle mac salad are super tasty and delicious! Seriously these are mouth-watering. My husband usually gets the Valhalla pork and loves it so much that he gets it every single time. Excellent flavors and great quality of sandwiches. There was one particular time we went in where their special soup of the day was this tomato based soup. Not even joking it was the best soup I've ever had! I even told the server that and she said that other people have said the same thing. This place does an excellent job at making sandwiches absolutely divine, tasty, amazing flavors that pop in your mouth and just so delicious! Honestly I think it's the best sandwich shop around!

Sarah 2 months ago


We delighted in the Carne Asada Torta with its chipotle mayo and pickled onions as well as the Super Chicken Deluxe with gorgonzola and rosemary aioli. Both served on perfect bread called a telera roll, which is crispy on the outside and satisfyingly chewy inside. Next time we ordered I decided to do something different and got the Thanksgetting, which is normally turkey, stuffing, gravy and cranberries with the rosemary aioli on a telera roll, but got it instead as a salad on arugula, which turned out to be the best comfort food bowl I could imagine. Getting the stuffing and gravy but nobly forgoing the bread made for a great compromise.

3 about 1 month ago


Dude this reuben was AMAZING. It's time for the happiest afternoon nap of 2020, thank you for providing 🙌

Melissa2019acosta about 1 month ago

Fidel Cashflow

This is the second time we've been to Valhalla and there hasn't been one thing that wasn't delicious!!! Sandwich was full of flavor, lots of tender meat And the torta is perfect!!! Chipotle Mac is bomb!! Valhalla Sandwiches is our Favorite sandwich place now!!

Barbp about 1 month ago


Absolutely, hands down, the best reuben we have had in our lifetime! And, this is in our local neighborhood, we are blessed. <3

Nmqphillipmorgan about 1 month ago


Soooooo good! It truly was better then Moms on Thanksgiving. At our home we have the bowl of sadness. Its when you take all of the left overs and put them together and slowly weep as you reminisce of the previous days glorious dinner. I wont have to anymore as I can stop off at Valhalla and get it any time. By the way dont tell mom but im planning on bringing one to Thanksgiving.

Zegrifin about 1 month ago

The Bad Lieutenant

Without joking I can say that this is the best sandwich I've ever had. I have flown 2,000 miles just to have this sandwich (technically to see my girlfriend, but we got Valhalla literally right after I landed)

Chrlttfowler about 1 month ago


Holy Moly! I seriously considered going back the next day to take in the sandwich in all of it's glory again! It was that good. And it was good for just a sandwich. It was delicious in all regards.

Hrudolph11 about 2 months ago

Yard Bird

Valhalla remains one of my favorite and most frequented sandwich shops. I tried the Yard Bird for the first time today, it's flavorful, creative, and proves there are no bad options on this menu.

Brookeanderson6 about 2 months ago


I have tried nearly every sandwich here and it's HANDS DOWN my favorite sandwich spot in Seattle. The Reubenator was my first love with ample meat and amazing sauce. Valhalla Pork is the best pulled pork sandwich I've had. Ever. The meat is tender and flavorful and that apple jalapeño slaw cuts the spice and adds some crunch! The Steak Beastie is literal fire and a whole lotta food. I shared the sandwich with my friend because it was so filling. Don't forget to check out the Shrimp Po Mofo- I'm a not pickles kinda gal but my goodness- this messy sandwich makes for an elevated chow down experience. To be honest, I couldn't chose a favorite if I tried. Get whatever tickles your fancy and you will not be disappointed. I'm heading in today to support my local friends!

Greykelley8 about 2 months ago

The Bad Lieutenant

I'm just in town for a few weeks and when I travel I like to eat at "Mom and Pop" type places, it makes for a better local experience. I just finished the Bad Lieutenant and was not disappointed! The flavor was great and was piled high with meat and the slaw. The sandwich had the perfect amount of sauce, plenty to have in every bite but not so much that just makes the sandwich a messy glob. A completely delicious craft sandwich. I'll be back to try Valhalla again soon!

Dabyosh about 2 months ago

The Bad Lieutenant

This place is amazing I've tried everything on their menu and there's not a single bad item on it i love the bad lieutenant and the ragnars club with the loaded tots i recommend this place to everyone i know its such a great place to eat

Akwhitcomb22 2 months ago


The thanksgetting brings a home cooked thanksgiving meal to you all year long! This is my favorite sandwich not only on the menu, but of all time!

Mechamuffin 2 months ago

Shrimp Po Mo'fo

I come back for this, the fidel or the thanksgetting once a month. Better than the po'boys I had in the French Quarter.

Amculp2013 2 months ago


Thanksgiving anytime! The stuffing and cranberry sauce lets you have yourself a feast anytime. Yum!

Jajanowicz 2 months ago

The Bad Lieutenant

I am absolutely obsessed with this sandwich (especially when ordered with tater tots). I bring all my friends from out of town here and they love it as well.


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